Calming the Savage Beast

Yes. This article MAY NOT BE FOR YOU or about you.
👉Yes. You many not care about this subject as it does not pertain to you.

👉Yes. You should share this with someone you know who is experiencing #Depression or any other #Mentalhealth opportunities.

👉Yes. This maybe you, but you don’t know, want to accept it or are afraid that your Family, Peers or Work will abandon you.

Please stop the worrying and seek help Now.

My #Depression has set back in with an unexpected handshake and hello….but my secret weapon to fight it off is Music.

Once again I’m getting ready for the battle with my mind but I can promise you I don’t back down.

Please share this link with anyone that maybe going through the same scenarios as it may bring some relief to them knowing that they are not the only ones out there going through this.

Mental Health Blog Site:

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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