PodCast: Introduction

Welcome to the start of a whole ⭐New Era⭐ for the RenegadeRetailer.

Welcome to the start of a whole ⭐New Era⭐ for the RenegadeRetailer.👉👉👉PodCasts (see below for the links).

I will be producing Weekly Podcasts dealing with everything about Retail and Mental Wellness in a:
🔥Real Manner.

So let me set your expectations now; DON’T HAVE any as there will be:

👍Technical Issues,
👍Stepping over the threshold of being Politically Correct
👍and Me just being Me.

I am always looking for Guests and if you would like to appear on this Podcast, please feel free to Email me at: info@rengaderetailer.com
and let me know what you want to talk about and get off of your chest.

Please Follow and Share my #Mentalhealth  Journey and #Retail. Madness Marathon by ⭐SUBSCRIBING⭐ to all 3 of my #RenegadeRetailer channels at:                                                    



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