I’m an Open Book.


As we all know, the last year & so has been crazy & wild and have left some of us bewildered, questioning our #mentalhealth state and not knowing what to do when our state of mind is in conflict with itself.

It’s tough when this happens but I believe talking and sharing how you are feeling helps to open the door for support and help. For those out there that are in a rut but don’t know where to turn I would like to share with you my experiences from the low’ to the high’s of experiencing #depression and being #bipolar.

I know everyone experiences their own bouts in different ways but if one of my articles or videos can help just one person than I know sharing my experiences through transparency has helped.

Remember, all it takes to start a conversation with someone in need is, Hello, simple as that. Here is the link to my #blog about my life within various states of mind and I hope it helps least someone today.👇

👉Mentalhealth Blog Link: https://renegaderetailer.blog/category/mental-wellness/

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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