Presentation vs Storytelling

You & I have seen and been to a #Retail presentation where the so called presenter thought they were a gift from the Gods because…….they had a pedestal in front of them and possessed the ability to read off of poorly formatted and error filled slides.


How did you feel during their bland, zero charisma effort to motivate you with their wrinkled attire?
👉Wanting to grab an iron?
👉Did the energy that Zeus exuded #motivate you to go back in the field with Thunder and Lightning?

If so, facepalm.
If not, why not?

👉Well simply stated, that presentation was just that….A presentation to which you could have read at home and saved your company the usual travel expenses.

👉What would happen if this old school style changed and this was not just a presentation but a story where the presenter got out from behind the pedestal and / or off of the stage tore off their shackles and just started to walk, talk and make eye contact like a human.

👉How about if that story was told in a genuine fashion as to how they embraced and used it to motivate themselves and others.

👉What if they did not refer to the slides and instead told a story about each of them that made them glow with confidence since they are supposed to be the Subject Matter Expert.

We only have one shot and one opportunity to get the message home and blowing it will roll back all you tried to ingrain and set forward….and let’s not forget the big fat goose egg of a zero return on your investment.
……but this never happens in retail does it?

👉 Charasmatic Storytelling + a Natural Conversation = Increased Engagement and à heightened ability to recall and share what was reviewed with the associated expectations

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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