Are you a Retail Swiss Army Knife or a Transformer?

We are the often overlooked.
⭐ Yes we are agile.
⭐ Yes we are capable.
⭐ Yes we can mould ourselves to each requirement.

Who are we?
A Transformer toy from the eighties?


We are the ones that you see everyday working in #retail.

👉We are the ones stocking shelves.
👉We are the ones managing our #teams.
👉We are the one working behind the scenes like Guepetto.
👉We make it happen no matter what it takes.
👉We will always find away.
👉We thrive in times of stress and disorder.
👉We are the Swiss Army knife of the #talent you are seeking for the role that can not find that piece of the puzzle to fit in.

🛑Stop passing us by because we “ONLY” have retail experience.

Just a friendly reminder that retail does include the following skills:
👉 Marketing.
👉 Human Resources.
👉 Accounting.
👉 Public Relations.
👉 Merchandising.
👉 Psychologist.
👉 Teacher.
👉 Coach.

So what are we missing that can not fill that open role of yours.

Please give that someone that chance who has a retail background and you will be pleasently surprised.

🙏Now more than ever we need everyone’s support.

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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