Are you a Retail Swiss Army Knife or a Transformer?

⭐ Yes we are agile.
⭐ Yes we are capable.
⭐ Yes can mould ourselves to each requirement.

Who are we?
A Transformer toy from the eighties?


We are the ones that you see everyday working in #retail.

We are the ones stocking shelves.
We are the ones managing our #teams.
We are the one working behind the scenes like Guepetto.

We make it happen no matter what it takes.
We will always find away.
We thrive in times of stress and disorder.

We are the Swiss Army knife of the #talent you are seeking
for the role that that can not find that piece of the puzzle to fit in.

Stop passing us by because we “only” have retail experience.

Just a friendly reminder that retail does include the following skills:
👉 Marketing.
👉 Human Resources.
👉 Accounting.
👉 Public Relations.
👉 Merchandising.
👉 Psychologist.
👉 Teacher.
👉 Coach.

So what are we missing that can not fill that open role of yours.

Please give that someone that chance who has a retail background and you will be pleasently surprised.

🙏Now more than ever we need everyone’s support.🙏

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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