Politics of Dancing in Retail

Whatever your #Retail dance style is it all comes down to politics.
For those that have been on this Ballroom dance floor for decades know it’s like a minefield as everyone is looking out for themselves, including the ones that are supposed to be protecting and or Managing with us.

For those that are new here to this #retailsoapopera here are some interesting points you may encounter:
👉If you have your own style of dance and its not to the rythm of the flow, you will be forced off of the Retail floor.
👉If you are able to keep up to the dance style but lack finesse, you will be under the microscope for your jests.
👉If you’re able to dance as the others are, good for you, but I can promise you you may not go far as you will just be another fool.

So what am I getting at here?
In Retail & Life you need to bring your style to the table without fear just like Elaine from Seinfeld: https://lnkd.in/d4ccBy3

If you are not being yourself because of others judgement, than dancing the Retail dance may not be for you.
JUST JOKING 😁 PLEASE keep on trucking.

👉Keep up your dance with #Confidence.
👉Manouveur through the political Bullshit.
👉Dance like there is no tomorrow.
👉& if your dance partner doesnt like your style, Fuck’em and get a new one who will go the mile.

Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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