I was Bullied.

In a Galaxy Far and Many Years Away.
👉I was Bullied at work.
👉I was Bullied even though I was secure with myself & had years of #Retail experience.
👉I was Bullied by Upper #Managment because they were insecure in their own positions & did not like my questions.
👉I was Bullied & could not do anything about it because I was new in the position & needed the job due to not having a savings account.
👉I was Bullied & did not want to report this because if I did I knew this would put me on the unemployment line.

👉I ended up reporting this.
👉I reported this to the Human Resources department.
👉I did bring this to HR with documented examples.

🙎HR protected the Upper Management as they had 15+ years of tenure.
🙎HR turned their back on me and let me know I needed to be more open to feedback.

The lesson learned was:
1: Never be bullied at work or fear for your job.
2: You have the right to be heard.
3: Keep an open mind and listen to others,
4: Document everything.
5: The HR department is there for you…in most cases

🔥6: The #culture of the company may not be the right one & unfortunately you may need to move on as fighting an uphill battle will only cover you in corporate 💩 shit rolling down.

👉Have you been bullied at work?

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