Onboarding is Spinning Around.

#Onboarding is Spinning Around.
🙏Sorry about the length of this Vlog but the #Retail Onboarding process needs to be fixed.


Retail had become a turnstile for ,#Employees and I strongly believe the process that is feeding this erosion is the broken onboarding programs we all high five each other about…..👉thinking they are happening.

What are your thoughts and #bestpractices?
What have you experienced?

….and yes I should have brushed my beard today.

Have a PHENOMENAL day.


One comment

  1. Yes it’s a sad truth and everyone is guilty of it. Not enough planning and care goes into new hires because the mentality has often been to protect the appease the complacent, and dystrophic titles, not the talent that could replace them. The longer one meddles in the world of control the more distant they become to those who are just discovering the value in retail for the first time.


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