Spam. It’s Not only for Lunch.

⭐Spam⭐ It’s what we ate for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner when we were young. Some of us loved it,some of us hated it and others added Pineapple and Ketchup to it.

Well the term nowadays stands for:
that we all see posted in our retail hallways, breakooms and the Employee entrance.

These messages are like from a Wayback Machine which remind us of broken promises, successful times as we struggle now, and random advertising for someones Nona who makes Spaghetti Sauce; unfortunately she died many years ago.

To ensure we are posting relevant items that do not become Spam and continue to attract everyones attention; please follow the the next 3 steps:

  1. Get a garbage can.

  2. Tear down, shred, burn and throw out anything that is not relevant or has been posted over 3 weeks ago. At any time no Company Policies should be thrown out (even though you would love to; out of sight out of mind) without the proper permission.

  3. Now take a picture of the new norm. Going forward, ensure that nothing is posted without prior permission and each item is date stamped.

👉Before I forget; any dusty, torn and/or tattered ustomer facing award plaques, trophies or banners should be removed and stored within a Year after they were presented.

Otherwise you are telling your Teams and Customers that at one time you were good but were unable to keep that going….and now you Suck.

Now go to your offices and do the same and may the Spam Force be with you.

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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