My Corona Insights Part #2.

Daily Update.
Status Quo.

#Time is of essence.
Families are worried.

Bills are going unpaid.
Grocery purchases are not as full as they used to be.

#Retail layoffs will continue to happen.
Stress levels rise.

Family foundations are starting to crumble


☀️The sun will continue to rise and set.
Light will turn into darkness.

☀️Darkness will turn into light.
We need to be thankful more than ever.

#Thankful for those that are still in the field filling the essential needs to keep things running.

More than thankful to those that are taking care of the sick and putting their own lives on the line for us

Writing is cathartic for me 🙌

What are you doing to keep your mind from running away from you.

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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