Kiss my Ass? That still exists?

What can I say except that watching someone in #Retail kiss 😘 someones ass to try and move up the ladder, is a special site to see as you would be amazed to the lengths someone will go to to do so.

Yes, I did kiss ass early on in my Retail career but then my testicles descended and I realized that this was not going to get me anywhere except towards being someone’s lackey.

Then why did I do it?

Well I simply was in search of that elusive title that would allow me to shout to the heaven’s – “I have the power,” just like He Man…….also I just wanted to be seen as the Big Guy on campus.

In reality I was seen as the Suck Up King and gained little respect from my Peers, had no power, but I did get a ton of work from the persons whose ass I was kissing without the recognition.

Oy Vey!

The flip side to someone kissing MY ass makes my Spidey senses tingle and question their authenticity.

You know what you can do instead of Kissing someone’s Ass?

👉Work hard.
👉Respect, be kind and transparent with your Team.
👉Be in the trenches.
👉Show up every day and play your role.

….and there is one thing you should never be doing if you decide to Kiss Ass …

👉Work more than your 40 hour work week unless it is one of those special times of the year.

Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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