Low Hanging Fruit can Rot.

😕Low Hanging fruit.
When I first heard that expression I literally thought about a male body part that is in my nether region.

In Retail, LHF is overused by Upper Management and defined simply as a task, problem or opportunity that is easy to solve with little effort, thought or movement.

Now can you see why I despise this expression?

It is overused, ignorant of the facts on hand and makes the Speaker look like a Twizller.

👉In reality most of the #Retail LHF ends up on the ground because they rotted out and were not picked (taken advantage of) in time.

So now the question I throw back to you is; if you knew that these opportunities exisited then why didnt you deal with them in the proper time frame and picked accordingly?

Well, I believe the answer is simple,
👉you are selfish and kept this basket of fine fruit to look like a hero in front of your high fiving peers. Am I right?

Stop the Madness and go harvest when ready.

……and the secret to knowing when to harvest is?


Get out in the field, hold the fruit, touch the fruit, know what the fruit tastes like and share it with others so they are able to help in the future.

Otherwise, you just a Farmer and not a Manager……not that their is anything wrong with that.

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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