What is a Stupidvisor? LetĖ‹s turn the mirror around so that you can see your reflection.

Ouch that hurt! or did it really since you and your supporting Team allowed this to happen.

If you are going to tell me that the Supervisor you hired turned into a lemon, I would blame you.

If you are going to tell me that the Supervisor you hired just wasnĖ‹t able to handle the task at hand, I would blame you.

Just stop the bullshit as you had the tools necessary to filter this out.

A Supervisor does not turn into a Stupidvisor overnight but over time due to the lack of a proper onboarding, training and a mentoring program.

So where are your training programs are they covered with spiderwebs?

So what happens to a Stupidvisor? Well most of the time nothing, just because no one wants to take accountability for this poor hire……and you know what; it happens to the best of us.

Then why are we not being transparent with the Stupidvisor and ourselves?

Simple, we donĖ‹t want to look like idiots and are afraid of having that fierce conversation to turn the Stupidvisor onto the correct path with support of others (HR, Fellow Peers)

Stop the insanity.

Get to the root of the opportunity.

….and reflect on what you have learned so you wonĖ‹t repeat this again.

Keeping a Stupidvisor lying around not only makes you look stupid, stresses out the team and is not the right thing to do for the person filling that roll.



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