Are you so Insecure?

ARE YOU SO INSECURE that you need to control your Team’s or Co Workers performance and put them under your thumb?

If so I have a Question for you 👉

Has #MicroManaging ever worked for you during your #retaillife besides the usual reasons to do it:
💪Exit Strategy
😏 Situational Leadership
😡 Otherwise?

Or are you just so insecure and lack confidence that you need to be in control of everything?

If this is so why are you doing this?
⭐ Is it to flex your Ego?
⭐ Is it because you don’t already have enough work on your plate? Believe me we can find you some.
⭐ Or is it you are just a stiff Asshole like Biff Tannem from Back to the Future.

Learn to let things go.
Learn that no one is out to get your job (well maybe 😏).
Learn that letting go will help develop your Team and a Succession Plan.
Letting go shows your Team that you have trust in them

…..and yes you will feel anxiety by doing so, but I promise you it will be all worth it.

⭐So….your turn⭐

What have been your experiences?
What have you done to counteract this?
Do you like this Management style?

Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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