Can you Smell what Retail is Cooking?

As a #Retail Manager you should be able to forecast what the:
* Beginning of your day will look like.
* What will be happening in the middle of the day.
* What will the end of the day look like.

…and I bet you can but that you know that speed bump can appear at an time.
My concern is when a #Leadership team visits a store and cannot predict these 3 Crystal Ball points.

Hhmmmm is it possible that the individuals may not be the right #Team in place even if they look good, kiss ass, and use big words that make no sense or reference at that time.

I strongly believe that anyone who has been in Retail long enough can walk into the first 3 feet on ANY store and predict what the visit will look like just by observing, listening and if the Associates are in the proper dress code.

Why the dress code? Well if this little thing that is standard slips away, than what else is happening?


Have a PHENOMENAL day!

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