Go Big or Go Home,

⭐Go Big or Go Home and I Refuse to go Home.⭐

This simple mantra in #Retail keeps me grounded, focused and driven to succeed every day.

There are times we all want to throw our keys on the desk (or at someone) and just give up.
In Retail this is common due to being bombarded from all sides with “Urgent Requests” to appease someone’s Ego or just walking the fine line of keeping everything in balance.

💥Never, Ever, Ever, Eeeeever give in or give up as no matter where you end up in Retail these “Annoyances” will keep haunting you until you Beat Them or at least learn how to make them work in YOUR favour…..and yes that is possible to do

Make these occurences into a game that you AND your Team refuse to lose at by using your:
⭐Tools (S..O.P).
⭐Team (They need to know that they are up against and your plan).
⭐Support Staff (H.R, Regional Manager).
⭐Just ask for Help. This is a sign of Strength and not Weakness.

🚶‍♂️Go for a walk.
🎧Listen to Music
🗨Talk it out.

…..and Control your Destiny to get the Ring from Frodo to become the Master of Retail or at least your District.

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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