Have you ever danced with the Devil?

Have you ever danced with the Devil?
What was imagination vs what was reality?

Was it all in my head?
How was I able to surpress this for 35 years in #Retail?

👉I am just tired.
👉I will continue to fight this.
👉I have never let the Demon inside of me control me and I never will….but it is exhausting.
👉I promise if it does you will know.

AlI ask is from you my Retail partners is to just understand that my personality may have changed, I may sometimes mix up words, just unable to express myself or just spaced out as I am fighting something that you may not see.

This is a journey I chose to be on to excise the past and gain control of my present.

See the stars that shine bright, everything is alright tonight. Minute 5:30 from Depeche Mode.

⭐This is a reference point as to what I imagined myself being and just not a puppet to the rhythm of the everyday life. I know I am much better than what I am presently living.

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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