Myth of the last 3 Feet.

I hear this alot….itˋs all about the last 3 feet in #Retail. What in the name of a pregnant yak is the last 3 feet?

Letˋs stop with these cliche terms when we all know they are not working and will not work if you donˋt get
everyone playing the same game for the same Team.

Letˋs turn this cliche around and make it applicable for today.

Itˋs all about the entire space you are occupying including the ones occupying it – your Team.

How many times have you walked into your favorite store & not been acknowledged?

How many times are you trying to purchase the advertised item to only find that they sold the last 2, and cannot find the rest in the mess off their warehouse.

How many times have you looked for assistance only to find a bunch of employees with their heads down on their Smarty Pants device.

Should I go on?

By the time I get to the last 3 feet or whatever flavour of the day you call it, I am a sour Consumer and just want to leave and never come back.

So, what can be done to change this term besides eliminating it?


Just call it the first 3 feet squared by 1000 or how about not calling it anything at all and holding your Team accoutable and leading by example.

Hopefully that is not mind blowing to anyone but the way I see Retall today it is.


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