Why am I Smiling like I am high?

Itˋs AMAZING what can come floating up after 25 + years of abscence from a friend and how it helped to complete one the many missing pieces of a puzzle that has haunted me since as long as I can remember. I just found out from her that she nicknamed me – Twinkle Eyes as this reflected what I was expressing with my constant smile.

Unfortunately that was further from the truth than I can describe.

I have always lived by the Mantra from the Michael Keaton era Batman – Go with a Smile – and that’s what I have done. I smiled when I was I down, I smiled when I felt like giving up, and I smiled when I had gaz from Mexican the night before……I smiled at no matter what came my way as it hid how I was feeling and confused many when the chips were not in my favour.

Up until the last few years with my blindness and health scares I blamed my fatigue, laziness, and the emotional roller coaster (I put others and myself through) on just being demotivated. I now realize that this was not the case and there was actually something else playing with my wires – Depression and a dash for good measure of being Bi-Polar.

So why am I sharing this personal story with you? Simple.

If you think that someone is experiencing Depression or going through a Hard Time but are not physicaly or emotionall showing the signs, please grab a coffee with them and have an open discussion as just one conversation can open up the flood gates due to someone showing that they care.

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