Role Playing: Who would have Thunk.

ROLE PLAYING is an Arch Nemesis to many. So much so some have avoided it by faking an Emergency phone call….my finger pointing inwards.

Now being older & somewhat wiser I look forward towards Role Playing but in a different way.

Role Playing is an acquired taste as we tend to lump everyone into one basket when rolling it out during a Retail Million Dollar meeting.

But what happens if it isn’t everyone’s Cup of Tea? So what do we do then? We change the game around & have the Leadership Team set the examples and only then ask for Volunteers.

By doing so the ice is broken and the ones who want to participate will & the ones who don’t will still get something out of it.

Remember that Role Playing doesn’t need to be formal, loud, or only for good examples.

We don’t realize how simple Role Playing can be; it real is as simple of flipping back a question asked to you for help by an Employee. Example (Employee): What do you think I should do in this situation? Example (Coach): What do you think YOU should do in this situation?

That is basically RP at the ground level & you don’t have to wait for an event to practice it.

Remember, It should be non formulated, realistic, in tune with the Audience and fun. Now that didn’t hurt as much, did it?

Have a PHENOMENAL day.


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