Honestly Speaking.

In #Retail how many times have you heard these 2 expressions:
👉 I promise you I will give 110%.
👉 I’m being honest.

Well…..just stop 🛑 the Bullshit now otherwise your credibility will be in jeapordy.

When someone gives me anyone of those statements I will call you out and know your blowing smoke up my ass.

👉All I’m asking is for you to do your job. 110% does not exist…maybe it does if you give up a body part….but I don’t need any.

👉If you need to tell me you’re being honest, well what have you been doing the rest of the time?
This is when my Spidey Senses start tingling.

Please stop using these cliché’s, start speaking with confidence and do not be afraid to say I don’t know or that you need help.

You know you can Tiger.
Now go get’em.

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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