Tools in my Arsenal.

For those that have asked, these are the 3 Tools in my aresenal that allow me to Write, Design and Create my Blogs / Vlogs.
✔️Samsung Note8.
✔️✔️ Jaybird Freedom Earphones.
✔️✔️✔️ Coffee at 530 am.

👉I am using my Note8 as my go to tool for everything, including Video Production, Graphic Design and Writing.
There is no Computer….but there is a dock so I can continue what I started on a larger screen.
There is no Fancy Dancy Camera.
…..but there is my trusty stylus to which I cannot live without for jotting down all my ideas and taking notes on my observations.

👉Jaybirds are my 2nd Motivator as they fit nice and tight inside my ear and block out all distractions. They also get my feet tapping and head noddding in a weird unsychronized way….you do not want to witness thist at any cost.

👉Coffee is my 3rd tool that keeps me going. Whether it’s at 530am or 10pm at night, this Black Magical liquid gets my heart pumping and my thoughts flowing.

Hope that answers some of your questions, and as always keep them coming.

Have a PHENOMENAL day.
#Thatisall #

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