Are you Breaking up with Me?

Dear Hiring Department,

We just had a 2 Hour Phone Interview and we got to know each other.

Breaking up with an email is Cold.

Will you still call me?

Can we still be friends?

I miss you.

Looking for a new Retail Career can be exciting due to the Networking and New Connections you will make. I personally enjoy getting to know the person on the other end of the line UNTIL they break their promise of getting back to me and sending a cold preformatted rejection email.

It’s not the rejection that bothers me but I would expect that after the 3rd interview that common courtesy would dictate to call back the Candidate since they have now spent many, many hours repeating their story since no one thought of the logical thing to pass on the handwritten notes taken.

Here are some Golden Rules I follow:
1. If the Candidate is not going to be considered after the 1st interview; let them know by email or a call…..but let them know.
2. After the 1st interview; all Candidates get a call letting them know of the outcome.

Oh yeah, before I forget.
1. Please try and fill out you Online applications and realize how aggravating they are.
2. Stop the formulated phone interviews with the awkward pauses while you “write down the answers”. This is not 2010:)

I know this will not change…but how is your Turnover and Retention? Enough said.

Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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