Mystery Shoppers: Are they Necessary?

Mystery Shoppers, are they necessary? Is advising me that if I tear the tag off my mattress I will be prosecuted, necessary?

Yes, balances and checks are necessary.

Why are they necessary?
To help keep us inline with procedures and from coloring outside of the lines that are in place to ensure a unified positive experience for both the Employees and Customer.
Yes, sometimes Mystery Shopper results can seem skewed and are not in your favour, especially when a portion of your bonus is dependant on the results. So what can you do when the results are poor?

– Do not react emotionally and blame everyone.
– Sit back, extract and review the 20% that delivers the 80% of the Employee and Customer experience.
– There is always some truth with what were reported, even though you may disagree.
– Review with your Management Team.
– Learn, react and sustain to improve these results. The keyword is …Sustain.

..and when the results are PHENOMENAL? Celebrate & share the result with everyone. If there is a name of a Team Member on the report, make sure to congratulate them & share what they have done.

Do not forget to write this occasion in their file for future reference.

Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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