Yes…I did have a Blue Tongue.

👉This did happen.
Was it me not knowing my audience?
Was it the Company I was starting with not living up to its inclusion policy?


It was my 1st week at my new Career when I was invited to a Regional meeting to introduce myself.
The usual round table introductions took place with no references to themselves as a person outside of work.

Then it was my turn, I tend not to talk about work because that is not who I am.

So when the question of where I used to work came up, I politely said with a smile;

I was a Pole Dancer.

😲The room went silent.
That’s when I knew it was not going to be an easy ride as just before during the break the conversations I heard were coming from the mouths of Sailors.

So after this meeting I was taken aside & given a Corrective Actiion due to insulting the Team.
This came from the RM who later proved to me time and time again he was on a lonely Ego trip.
The reason: This was not the “right audience” to state this type of job whether true or not.

👉In the end the lesson was simple:
I will continue to be who I am as I cannot please everyone.
It’s not Personal even though it may seem that way.
Take a lesson from every experience.

😜Oh, and the Blue Tongue?
That was just from a Phenomenal Snow Cone.

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