Success will be Seen.

Success will be seen:

☆ If your Associates, Employess, Staff or whatever you call your Teams are Engaged and Motivated to be working with and for the Company that has hired them.

This can all be summed up with one 2 Words.

✌Team Culture.

When is the last time you had a Culture Check that wasn’t only based on:
☆ Audits: When is the last time they were updated.
☆ Reports: Why should your Teams be spending time in the Office when they can be on the floor.
☆ Surveys: What do you actually do with the data and what are your plans to sustain them.
☆ Pizza Parties; Yuck.

😡 Stop the Madness and get out to your Stores.

…..and please refrain frrom being a finger pointer and list maker and get some of the Shit done yourself before you leave the store.
Set the Example.
Be the Example.

Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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