Get Over It!

Just get over it.
During a meeting, one on one or just another one of the meaningless conversations to boost someones ego, please try not to answer a question with meaningless dribble.

It’s not only embarrassing for yourself but disrespectful to your audience.

If you don’t know an answer to a question, instead of giving one filled with nonesense, please do not be embarrassed to say you don’t know the answer.
…..But, just don’t drop the mic.

Ps: Leaders and Coaches, this is an Open Door opportunity to do what you do best. Be a Coach and help them along and not to leave them feeling embarrassed.

☆ Let your audience know you will get back to them.
☆ Give a time frame as to when they should expect an answer.
☆ Ask how they would like to receive the answer.
☆ Thank them for the understanding that you are not a walking database.

Remember there are some answers to questions you need to know at all times pertaining to your business (Sales, Labour %, Competition, Hiring Needs)…and others that need to be researched.

Otherwise you are an Overpaid Babysitter.

Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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