Flavour of the Month.

In Retail we have all experienced the “Flavour of the Month” & watched it Melt away.
This is very frustrating since it:
☆ Creates Confusion amongst your Teams
☆ Increases Labour & there is no budget to pay for it.
☆ No Checks or Balances in place to ensure Sustainment.

It is an experience that brings the following W’s with it..

☆ What?
This Brand New Operational Change will increase Productivity, Engagement & Customer Satisfaction..

☆ Wait!
We actually spent Big $ to launch & fly everyone to this 3 day meeting in a hotel?
But we are only working 1.5 days out of the 3.

☆ Why?
Is a new Program being launched when we just launched one months ago.

☆ How?
Are we going to support, track & sustain this New & Improved Change that we threw a ton of $, Labour & Energy at, when we have never done so in the past.

☆ Who?
Approved this. Let me guess, no one at the Store Level & therefore the reality of this Change is only based on a paper trail & someone who needs to show that they are still valuable to the Company.

Now don’t deny this hasn’t happened to your Brand.
There are many causes to this that have solutions which all start at the ground level.

What have you experienced or done to avoid this?

Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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