Enough Already!

I will keep this short and not make this into a rant but when I buy a Coffee I should be able to sit down & not have to give someone the evil eye to allow me the luxury of sitting.

My Starbucks decided to expand their seating by adding more tables & chairs, but as expected the free space was taken by individuals to gain more personal space
…for their Macbooks & free glass of water.

This is not a 1 time localized instance at a Starbucks, but this occurs on many occasions at other locations.

⭐Yes, I have asked Customers to share their space
…but they claim they need the expansive nature of their now claimed land to free their thoughts & stretch their legs.

⭐Yes, I have spoken with the Manager on Duty, but they claim that nothing can be done.

Okeydokey Smokey.

Will I continue to go to this Starbucks?
Yes, every morning at 530 am due to the Team they have.

This is not an HR issue, lack of Leadership or a Customer issue but a lack of a ☆Clearly defined Operational Procedure & Guideline that continues to allow this at every location I have been.☆

👉When a line is Drawn in the Sand, Employees tend to feel supported and enabled to which in this example, clearly hasn’t been the case.

Enjoy the Veal.

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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