Death by a 1000 Useless Paper Cuts.

It’s tragic that in the Retail Industry we tend to believe that filling out Forms and creating Action Plans will help to increase Customer Traffic, Employee Motivation and Sales.

This is a common phenomenon that Retail Leaders fall into this trap because….well just because someone above asked them to discover the reason for recent drop in their Teams KPI’s (Key Productivity Indicators).

First of all we need to point the finger inwards and ask ourselves as Leaders, when is the last time I actually talked with this Store Manager on the Phone and not by Email to have a Discovery Conversation. Never? Well then this is a Starting Point as you need to be the Coach you are being paid to be and help get to the bottom by asking Key Questions.

Second, asking for an 48 page Action Plan every week only adds fuel to the flame as it takes the “Face that runs the Place” off of the floor and out of the trenches with their Teams.

Third, Shit Happens. You will not WIN every week….but the weeks that you saw Phenomenal KPI’s did you Ask and Note what they did for future reference?

And finally Fourth…are you Reading the Plans that they send you, are are they buried with the othe 189 emails that are URGENT and waiting for your attention. If you are reading them and following with guidance on them..Congrats! If not, STOP THE MADNESS right now and use an old piece of Technology called the phone and give them a call. I promise you will find out more than you thought  you would.

Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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