Reporter Vs. Supporter.

A Store Visit from a District, Regional, VP, CEO is not:

☆ A Safari, where you need to take pictures of everything in a suspicious manner.

☆ The time to hold a Conference Call while walking the
floor with your head down.

☆ A Witch hunt to find something wrong.

☆ Welcomed unless you are ready to help out when 3
Team Members called in sick.

☆ A C.I.A mission where your findings are kept secret.

A Store Visit from a District, Regional, VP, CEO is a PHENOMENAL way to:

☆ Celebrate victories; Individually or as a Group.

☆ Work shoulder to shoulder with Team Members and get to know them as a person and not a number.

☆ Demonstrate Team work by taking off that 1980’s
shoulder padded suit jacket and cleaningthe windows.

☆ Coach and correct opportunities in the moment.

I think so, but how many of us tend to be robots and follow a script that was written in the 90’s by someone sitting in their office, high fiving themselves in a mirror.

#StoptheMadness. Now!

Being a Supporter rather than a Reporter relieves the pressure of your visit and actually allows you to do the one one thing that is not in your job description:

Be a #Coach.

Have a PHENOMENAL day!

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