Do YOU Want to Know a Secret?

Clowns to the Left of Me, and Jokers to the Right?
Here I am Stuck in the Middle with You.
– Steelers Wheel

Do you want to know a Secret to a happier mind in this #SoapOpera we call Retail?

☆ Focus on what You do best and show it off to Everyone
☆ Don’t get Entangled in the Politics of being in a FishBowl.
☆ Don’t be a #BOBBLEHEAD and Nod Yes to the StatusQuo.
If you don’t feel right with what is being done, presented, or said.
☆ Let it out and share your thoughts.
You will be AMAZED that others do agree with you and will listen.
☆ Be the one who brings the #Change that will shed
the light and crack open the window of the old #Retail School to new thoughts and an Air of Freshness.

Biting your tounge hurts. Speak your Mind.

Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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