Uploading vs Downloading.

We all Say it and Hear it a least once in our Careers; the mantra that our Employees are:

The reason for our success.

They are our foundation for the future.

We appreciate and embrace feedback.

Blah, Blah, Blah ,Blah

When is the last time before downloading a new initiative, program, tactic you actually sought feedback from your Soldiers (Associates, Employees, Teammates) on the front lines?

There are many Companies who do it very well, and those have seen Lower Turnover an Financial Growth. – Guess what the others saw? Yup, the opposite.

So then, why is it so hard to listen to our Teams when an opportunity arises.

Plain and Simple.

We have always done it this way, why change now?

Why change?

  1. The Retail Landscape is changing faster than we can retweet a tweet about it changing. We need to be that fast on our feet to change with the times.
  • How do we know what is Trending?…Seek and Upload the information from our Teams.

2. How do we invoke Team Engagement to a change?

  • Upload the information from our Teams for buy in. Teams are more open to a change when they know that they had an impact on it.

3. What else does Uploading do?

  • Develops a Culture of Communication.
  • Develops a Culture of Listening.
  • Develops a Culture of Engagement.
  • Develops a Culture of Ownership.

Once again, if times are hard and results are not changing and you are still moving forward doing the same thing day in and day out; I leave you with this quote.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Albert Einstein

Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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