Tech me. Tech you.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a #Geek at Heart and write the majority of my Blogs and Articles at the back of my #Starbucks.

I have been asked as to what tools I am using to do so and what are my favorite Gadgets.

Well here they are my 5 items in No Particular Order.

#Jaybird Freedoms Earphones: These are my favorite earphones due to their minimal size and ability to keep your equalizer presets/settings the same with any device I am using.

#Samsung Note8 Smartphone: Stylus, large screen, 6gb Ram & the capability of docking it and using it is as my main PC…yes my main PC.

#Zagg Keyboard: Foldable, compact, large keys, great battery life.

#Tronsmart Portable Battery: 20000mAh, USB C out and input, QC 3.0 Fast Charging.

#LG Sport 4g Smartwatch: Allows me to just relax without my phone always in hand.

All of these items are carried around it my Manpurse.

Forgot to mention my Runner-up.
#Totinit: A great Wearable Carry-All that I use when I am not in the office as I can place it under my Jacket.

Hope this will help some of you.
All questions are appreciated and will be answered.

Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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