10b86ca151994871ff9f180c8ac21440b84644ba_7a9109d4010b66b0178f30a73575074c538efa23_linkedinStart of a New #Retail Week means New Opportunities for Everyone.

Don’t ever be unprepared for that ‘Surprise” Notice from your “Best” Team Member due to:

• Winning the Lottery.

• Being abducted by Aliens.

or the one I can understand and do appreciate:

• Moving onto the Career they always wanted or have studied for. This for me deserves a High Five and no Hard Feelings.

In the end though you should be ready for a Notice through

• Strong #Succession Plan.

• An Amazing Bench.

• or #Culture of Always be ReCruiting (A.B.C)

Yes, I know we all don’t have a Budget to carry someone in the “what if scenarios”….. But faced with this opportunity I bet we all would wish we could be Superman and Spin around the World Backwards to reverse Time and build that Bench. So you now have 2 options:

• Always Be #Recruiting.

• Dress up like Superman and Run Backwards around your Store. I prefer doing a combination of both.

Have a PHENOMENAL day.


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