My Name in Vain.

👉Retail Leaders are a proud Caffeine Driven, Results Orientated, and even a Cool bunch of Bananas to hang around with and learn from.

There is one exception to this rule:
It is when they take their outlined Job Description and make it into their version of what “They” would like.

This behaviour can quickly erode the #Employee and #Customer experience due to:

👉Inconsistencies between Stores..
👉Different standards of #Merchandising.
👉Inconsistent Messaging to the Store Employees.
👉On and On.

So why do some feel that they need Not Follow the Program that is laid out for them?
“Ahem” dare I say – Ego?

As representatives of our Companies who have put their trust in us to handle a Multi-Million business, we owe them the Security of running their Business as planned.

Also in reality it makes life much easier as it allows us to:
👉Stop Overthinking.
👉Working Mythical 60 Hour shifts.
👉Lay the Blame on Someone else if the plan didnt work out.

Otherwise, why don’t you just open your Business with:
👉No Guarantee of a Salary for a couple of years.
👉No days off.
👉No benefits.
👉No HR Department, and we all know we need them.

Now how does that sound to you?
…..and please take your name off of the Store Front Signage.

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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