Know your role.


During a meeting, one on one or just another one of the meaningless conversations to boost someones ego, please don’t answer a question with meaningless dribble.

It’s not only embarrassing for yourself but disrespectful to your audience.

If you don’t know an answer to a question, instead of giving one filled with Bullshit, do not be embarrassed to say you don’t know the answer.

…..But, just don’t drop the mic.

  1. Let your audience know you will get back to them.
  2. Give a time frame as to when they should expect an answer.
  3. Ask how they would like to receive the answer.
  4. Thank them for the understanding that you are not a walking database.

Remember there are some answers to questions you need to know at all times pertaining to your business. Otherwise you are an OVERPAID BABYSITTER.

Here is a little ditty:

The following 3 words may temporarily save your ass, when you are fumbling for an answer to a question from your Boss and can’t pass.

  • Who knew.
  • Go figure.
  • Indeed.

I would have to advise you just to admit that when you don’t have the answer that you will get back to them in a bit.

Just STOP the ” I know everything Bullshit” as it only makes you look like an incompetent TWIT.

Have a PHENOMENAL day.


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