Three “P’s” of Retail.

Being a Coach, Leader, Manager in the #Retail Soap Opera allows us to experience all types of emotions and the ability to feel like the King/Queen of our Kingdom or feel like all our efforts are worth Nothing.
……and this can all happen in a period of an 8 hour shift.

Everyones time to shine in Retail will come.
Not by Luck,
Not by Kissing Ass,
and definately not by Working 60 hours a week; to which is a whole other topic I have written about.

It can all come together by demonstrating flexibility over the following 3p’s:

👉People: Be Honest. Be Genuine. Always Be Hiring.

👉Presence: Be in the Trenches. Be Listening. Be Vocal

👉Perseverance: Be Tenacious. Be like a Dog on a Bone. Be positive.

At the end of the of the day:

I promise your your time will shine and you will no longer be Background Noise for all the Girls and Boys.

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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