Drop the Mic.

There is not much more to this story, but before I continue I will need to fill you into the key points that got me into this peculiar situation.

1. Michelle and I just had identical twins, therefore no sleep.
2. I was off for 3 weeks ensuring all 3 of my girls were taken care of.

As the days went by the time came to go back to work. Heckle me, but I was looking forward to going back & having time to myself.

As I hit the floor, my Manager approached in a polite but insincere way & asked the deemed necessary questions about my Family and how I was doing.

As I was answering them to her, her attention was elsewhere.

She kept on looking at me & I could sense she was looking for that awkward pause to jump in and say what she had to say.

As I took a pause, she looks at me and says:
👉Cary, please go home.
I asked why.
👉She says you are tired.

I answered in my most manly way: I am built like a Bull and can work. (as I needed to, as I had no more than 5$ toy name.)

👉She answered: You are wearing 2 different shoes.

Yup, I was; a Dress Shoe and a Sneaker.

Drop the Mic.
Lesson learned.

Push yourself as much as you think you can, but please be aware of certain signs that you are reaching your Stress Point.

Like 2 different shoes.

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