Coffee Chat

Coffee and Story Time.
Well it’s been about a week into this Odyssey for the next #Opportunity that will allow me continue to provide for; which as some you of you know include: Michelle, Sammie, Jessie, Bella (Dog), Uncle Leroy (Guinea Pig) and my Cheering Team consisting of Orange, Whitey and Coleco; my Goldfish.
Yes my Goldfish who are the keeper of all Passwords in their Pirate Trunk.

As always it’s been a PHENOMENAL & Cathartic week as I continue
writing my #Blogs,
sharing #Experiences and
connecting with you who are in the same Life Raft (We will make it, I promise you!).

To keep my time busy and NOT regain the 30 pounds I have lost in the last year I have dug deep and
pulled out some Old School Vinyl to help me try to find out where I lost my path or took the wrong turn.
Am I haunted by my experiences or regret some of the actions that may have not aways been the correct ones?
Nope, No Siree Bob and a Nay Nay.

I am who I am today because of what I have done, seen, lost, embraced and connected with.
All of these experiences should have put my head in a Tail Spin

…but I won’t let it as I want to see the Final Outcome of my Life Story.

Thank you Michelle for continuing to believe in and support me, even if the dice don’t always roll as planned.

Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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