Want to know a #Retail #Secret?
If I were to tell you the trick to #Simplify your life and reduce your #Stress,
would you try it at least for the next #30daychallenge ?

Here we go,


Just follow the S.O.P that the Company you are working for put together
to lead you on a path to success.

Not Rocket Science.
Just simply follow the instructions.

…..and if by any chance it doesn’t work out for your particular Location due to :
Store Size.
or just pure Stupidity on the part of the person putting this S.O.P together.

You now have a foundation to stand on to say that you tried it and it just doesn’t work.

Otherwise just not putting the plan into action leaves you with:
Zero foundation to stand on.
Zero credibility.
…..and you are just Big Bratty Baby.
Sorry, too much?

The Top 10 S.O.P Implementation Success Strategy.
1. Read it .
2. Understand it.
3. Become the SME (Subject Matter Expert)
4. Communicate it.
5. Activate it.
6. Track it.
7. Test for understanding from your Team throughout.
8. Share the results.
9. Embrace it until further notice.
10. Repeat.


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