Retail Wooly Bully.

Have you been in the presence of a Retail Bully?
I would bet the house that their Management Style has:
High Turnover.
High Shrink.
High Sales but Low Profit.
and are working 70 hrs a week & bragging about it.

This can be challenging for Teams working under this style:;
but it can be controlled or extinguished with the proper Support and Actions in a 3 step process.

Step 1
Get out from under the rock you were hiding; hoping this would just disappear.

Step 2
Leaders & Coaches it is now your time to shine & put on your Storm Chaser hat.
Be ready to jump into this Storm without assumptions, but an expectation that you will be spending quality time discovering the reasons why & leaving the Eye of the Storm with some sort of Documented Resolution or Plan from both sides.

Step 3
Repeat until this opportunity is resolved.
It will not disappear overnight

Finally, for those that are experiencing this directly.
My simple advice is #DotheOpposite of everything that this Bully is demonstrating &:
Don’t be discouraged. It is not Personal.
Seek advice from your Support Teams as to how you should be handling this.
& without exception be thankful for your Amazing Team & ensure they are aware of it with a simple Thank You.

Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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