Thick as a Brick.

#Retail #5Days

Good Wednesday Morning #RetailWarriors!

5 more days to go and there is NO Turning Back!

You are now in the thick of it with:

* Crazy and Needy Crowds. – Keep Smiling and Breathe.

* Long Line-Ups – One Customer at a Time.

* Answering Stupid Questions. – Write some of them down and Share these Questions with your Teams for a Good Laugh.

* Seeing Merchandise you Never Thought you Carried. – Okedoke Smokey.

* & the Random Dirty Disgusting Diaper mixed in with your other Products on the Shelf. – DO NOT Delegate or Pretend you didn’t see this. Hold your Nose, get some gloves….and pick it up and throw it out.

Yup, all in a days work for us RetailWarriors.

So to keep us going here is a Cheesy but yet Classic Video to keep you going on T-5 Days and Counting:

Have a PHENOMENAL day!


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