I will keep this short and not make this into a rant but when I buy a Coffee I should be able to sit down to enjoy it with my book and not have to freeze my ass off.
My Starbucks decided to expand their seating by adding more tables and chairs, but as expected  the free space was taken by individuals to gain more personal space…for their Macbooks & free glass of water.
This is not a 1 time localized instance at a Starbucks, but this occurs on many occasions at other locations.
Yes, I have asked Customers to share their  space…but they claim they need the expansive nature of their now claimed land to free their thoughts and stretch their legs.
Yes, I have spoken with the Manager on Duty, but they claim that nothing can be done.

Okeydokey Smokey.

Will I continue to go to this Starbucks?
Yes, every morning at 530 am due to the Team they have.
This is not an HR issue, lack of Leadership or a Customer issue but a lack of a clearly defined Operational Procedure & Guideline that continues to allow this at every location I have been.

When a line is Drawn in the Sand, Employees tend to feel supported and enabled to which in this example, clearly hasn’t been the case.

Enjoy the Veal.

Have a PHENOMENAL day.


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