Lessons in Retail | Zombie Floor Walks.

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Performing a routine daily floor walk is a FANTASTIC routine to calibrate your Team…..but if only used as a tool and not a as a SOCIAL GATHERING.

  • Are the floor walks even being done?
  • Are they being done by different Team Members to help develop a more cohesive and understanding Team?
  • Are they being followed up on the same or next day?
  • Are they being signed “off” on and filed for review and not just filed?
  • And most important, are they being challenged to why a “Yes” is a “Yes”?

If you answered a “No” to any of the questions, just STOP the insanity and STOP doing them.

Going through a motion just for the sake of it is “Mashuguna”.

Start doing them. Start using them. Start holding others accountable to them.

Then you will start seeing the benefits of them.

#Thatisall #Retail #Manager #Manager #Coach #Employee #Behaviour #Motivation

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