April 30

Lessons in Retail | Top 3 ways to motivate your Employees during the day.

Motivating your Teams is as basic a need as putting fuel in your car. Besides being paid, why else would your Employees want to come to work.

Yes, pay is a great motivator but how about them actually wanting to come to work because it makes them happy to be with the Team and work for the common cause?

Many of us have had “those” days where we did not want to get out of bed due our Leader having an inflated head which made our faces turn red and our feet turn into led.

Motivating a Team is not as difficult as some of us think.

It is not always about:

  • The Pizza Party.
  • Getting more hours.
  • Being liked.

It can simply be about:

  • Acknowledging someones presence.
  • Celebrating the good, the bad and the ugly. Validate their efforts.
  • Being present on the floor and working shoulder to shoulder with them.

Do you need to spend money to keep someone motivated? Nope! Well, maybe a coffee would be nice as it is one of the greatest forms of currency out there; otherwise the answer is no. Save your money to have a contest that brings a whole Team together for a common goal.

Please, please remember that what motivates one will not always motivate another. This is where working with your Teams on the floor will allow you to take “Mental Notes” as to what makes each of them tick. Your 25 year old part time Employee has different needs and life experiences than your 55 year old mother of 3.

The simple trick to learning what really motivates your Employees; wait, wait, wait for this revolutionary idea: Listen and ask Questions. Not rocket science eh?

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