Lessons in Retail | Acting for Managers.

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It was back in the late 1990’s on a bus going to a Manager Retreat when the thought came to me, Retail is just another form of acting.

Who better to appear on a Reality Show than a Retail Manager who is able to STRETCH the truth on almost any opportunity thrown at them.

It’s not that we always respond to a question with a question or alter a response so it falls into a “Grey Zone”; it’s the nature of the game at times. Thinking on ones feet is not only a requirement but it’s a matter of survival.

After many years in Retail, I finally realized my one and only weapon, guide, potion is your Job Description. Hold on to that and know it with your life as it is basically the script of your role.

If you:

  • Go off the script and “Improvise”, you may get canned.
  • Don’t remember the script “your responsibilities”, you may be booted out the door.
  • Come into work as a “Grumpass and not willing to Listen or act along with your co-actors”, Ba Bye!
Yo Joe! Retail is not complicated.
  • Know your role and Job Description inside and out. This is your foundation to act out the part you are being paid for.
  • Act with emotion and increase you listening skills to be able to predict the next line of dialogue.
  • Ask questions to help define the scene and get to know your Audience.
  • After filming (your day) is over, go home, shutdown, enjoy your evening and get ready for your next day of Acting your Role.

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